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Product name:high precision shunt resistor
Thickness:1.2-600 mm
Width::1220-4200 mm
Length:5000-18000 mm
Notes:coil thickness ≤ 25 mm
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Precision DC Current Shunts - Riedon | DigiKey

These devices are targeted at applications in the renewable energy market, high capacity battery monitoring, and heavy industry. The principle of current measurement using a shunt resistor depends on measuring the small voltage dropped across a precision resistor placed in series with the load.

Precision Resistor Company

.01 to .1 Watt Wire Wound High Precision Axial Resistor ... Welcome to Precision Resistor Company, Inc. Manufacturers of Custom Wire Wound Resistors Sensors and Shunts, Made in the USA since 1932. ... Current Sensing/Shunt. Our parts are ideal for use in direct current (D.C.) electrical circuits & compliant with international directives, see ...USA Customers · Surface Mount · Industry Links · Environmental Regulations

Shunt resistor » Resistor Guide

Usually this is a high precision manganin resistor with a low resistance value. The current is divided over the shunt and the ammeter, such that only a small (known) percentage flows through the ammeter.

Precision Current Shunts - Shunt | Ohm-Labs, Inc.

Ohm-Labs manufactures precision current shunts for high accuracy measurement of current from <0.1 amp to 1000 amps.

High Current Precision Shunts - to 3000 A - Ohm-Labs, Inc.

For the highest precision applications, a temperature sensor can be bonded to the shunt element, and current / temperature characterization can be provided. Please see the Temperature Option for an example of this characterization. 100 ohm RTD, type T thermocouple and 10 …

Resistors, Fixed - Current sensing - Vishay Intertechnology

Power Metal Strip® Shunt Resistor With Sense Pins, Low TCR (Down to < ± 10 ppm/°C), Very Low Value (100 µΩ, 500 µΩ, and 1000 µΩ)

VPG Foil Resistors

VPG Foil Resistors Announces Global Market Launch of Alpha Electronics High-Power Precision Shunt Resistors Incorporating Bulk Metal Foil Technology (April 13, 2017) New Powertron PCS Series from VPG Foil Resistors Offers Industry-Exclusive Reliability and Long-Term Stability

Precision Resistors, Shunt SMD Resistors | MEGATRON

Wide selection of precision and special resistors with very high accuracy and individually selectable resistance values

Precision Resistor Company :: Resistors

PRECISION RESISTOR'S MISSION To continue a tradition... with competitively priced, high quality, 100% USA produced custom precision fixed wire wound resistors, sensors and shunts for critical applications and to serve the needs of our customers who utilize these products.

Current Sense Amplifiers | Overview | Amplifiers | TI

ti› AmplifiersTI current sense amplifiers provide high-precision, low-cost current measurement and power measurement by amplifying the differential voltage drop across a shunt resistor. Explore products, reference designs and other current sensing resources.

Current Shunt Resistors (FL) - Token Components

A wide range of precision Current Shunt Resistors, designed for use with kilowatt-hour meters and other high-current applications where a high level of accuracy is required, is …

Precision Power Resistors - Wirewound Shunt equivalents

Riedon is a resistor manufacturing company, specializing in Power, Precision, Surface Mount, High Temperature, High power and Custom Resistors.

What is the difference between high precision resistors ...

What is the difference between high precision resistors and current sense resistors. Ask Question. ... A high precision resistor, refers to the accuracy used by the manufacturer to produce the resistor. For example, a manufacturer tries to make 100 ohm resistors, but the variability of the process makes resistors that are between 99 and 101 ...

high current shunt » Resistor Guide

The solution is to place the ammeter in parallel with an accurate shunt resistor. Another term that is sometimes used for this type of resistor is ammeter shunt. Usually this is a high precision manganin resistor with a low resistance value.

Precision Current Sensing Solutions Guide — ES …

Precision Current Sensing Solutions Guide. Home Quality. Quality ISO Certificates of Registration ... Precision Resistor - Considerations and criteria for specification and selection; Difference Amp - Considerations and criteria for specification and selection ... (often called a shunt resistor), a voltage is generated across the shunt resistor ...

High precision | Low inductance | Large current type ...

High precision | Low inductance | Large current type Current Sense Shunt series -Various kinds of lineup! The first step of power management of electronic devices is to measure the current. To measure correctly and efficiently, you need to select suitable current sense resistors for your application.[PDF]

(FL) Current Shunts Resistors - Power Inductors, …

54 type shunt is made of precision alloy board. Its copper terminals spot welded by silver alloy ... Because current shunt is resistor and dissipate heat from the current flowing through them, when they get ... Token's Current Shunt Resistors (FL) for high-current applications aid precision measurement. Taiwan Factory: +886 2 29810109 ...

INA260 36V, Bi-Dir, High Accuracy, Low-/High-Side, I2C ...

ti› …› Current / Voltage / Power MonitorsThe device is a bidirectional, low- or high-side, current-shunt monitor that measures current flowing through the internal current-sensing resistor. The integration of the precision current-sensing resistor provides calibration-equivalent measurement accuracy with ultra-low temperature drift performance and ensures that an optimized Kelvin ...

Current Shunt Resistors - rc-electronics-usa

A current shunt resistor is a low resistance precision resistor used to measure AC or DC electrical currents by the voltage drop those currents create across the resistance.

Caddock's Precision High Voltage Resistors

Caddock's Ultra-Stable, Low TC, Precision High Voltage Resistors, and Ultra-Precision Voltage Divider Networks. Custom Selected Resistor Sets also Available.

Caddock's Ultra-Precision Voltage Divider Networks

Caddock's High Performance Resistor Networks, Precision Decade Voltage Dividers, SIP Resistor Networks, Current Shunt Resistors, Voltage Divider Networks, and Transient Tolerant Precision Resistor Networks, Standard and Custom.

Resistor - Wikipedia

An ammeter shunt is a special type of current-sensing resistor, having four terminals and a value in milliohms or even micro-ohms. Current-measuring instruments, by themselves, can usually accept only limited currents. ... Resistors of extremely high precision are manufactured for calibration and laboratory use. They may have four terminals ...Electronic symbols ...·

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