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Product name:mild steel laser cutting fiber
Thickness:1.2-600 mm
Width::1220-4200 mm
Length:5000-18000 mm
Notes:coil thickness ≤ 25 mm
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Laser cutting of mild steel, 2D laser cutting, 3D laser ...

Mild steel is the most frequently cut material in the industry. Lasers create narrow kerfs and thus achieve high-precision cuts. This method does not show any distortion and in many cases post-processing is not necessary. Even 3D laser cutting is possible.

Laser O2 cutting guide for mild steel | Hypertherm

Laser O2 cutting guide for mild steel. Posted on 04/07/2016 Posted by ... Cutting mild steel with a laser is balance of how much material is heated up with the laser beam and how much assist gas flows through the cut. ... and 10ga) mild steel cut with oxygen on a 2kw fiber laser and examples of the same part cut with 1 variable changed to show ...

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Equipment| Kern Laser Systems

Kern's metal cutting CO2 and fiber laser systems are capable of cutting stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, tool sheet and brass.

fiber laser mild steel cutting - asiasteelsheet

Apr 07, 2016· Katalor Steel group deal with fiber laser mild steel cutting, Steel bar, steel plate at wholesale price. We value reputation and integrity.Good price and good quality in katalor steel Group!Contact phone number:0086-21-61182423.

Cutting thick steel plate - Industrial Laser Solutions

New developments, including the use of fiber delivery and high-pressure oxygen assist gas, make the Nd:YAG laser an alternative for cutting thick mild steel plate

Fiber versus CO2 laser cutting - Industrial Laser Solutions

Compared with the same 4 kW CO 2 machine, the fiber laser is three times quicker in a straight line cutting of 1 mm mild, galvanized, or stainless steel and twice as fast when cutting 2 mm. 4. An ability to cut reflective materials without fear of back reflections damaging the machine.

Mild Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - sfcnclaser

Mild Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Skype:senfenglaser1 WhatsApp:0086-13210546543 Email:senfeng@jnsenfeng sfcnclaser

Mild Steel Cutting/Pierce Parameter - Fiber Laser - Laser ...

eng-tips› …› Activities› Laser engineering ForumHello everyone, I'm new to the laser world and I recently got my hands on a fiber laser cutting head but I don't know how to get a good cut with mild steel. I hi am not familiar with fiber lasers, but i know they will ask thickness of what you are cutting and the focal length you are using. Also post the make/Model of your Laser System. I would try lowering the Oxygen pressure or increasing the feed rate if this was one of my machines assuming you have proper focus. Someone who knows your machine and a lot more about process than me will be here shortly. I Fix them, so my knowledge of process is limited. "I am stuck on Band-Aid brand, 'cause they are stuck on me"The fiber laser system is a YLS from IPGP and the cutting head is an old precitec head. The motion control system is an acs spiiplus. A lot of what I do is hard code the movement of the head. The system doesn't have any fancy piece options so I code the software to pierce 4mm away from the work piece and then tell it to come down 1mm standoff when cutting the workpiece. Also the mild steel thickness is 6mm(1/4) One of the main problem I see is the lava eruption from the piercing to the actual cut. Could this mean that the pierce wasn't successful so the material bounced back to the top?Well no one really replied but I seem to figure out the problem. Apparently, people do use CW when typically cutting mild steel and I found that some OEM cheat and use nitrogen instead of oxygen. The idea is that nitrogen is inert and the high pressure will help blow the molten material through the kerf like stainless steel. I, however, believe that if I increased my spot size diameter, I could probably be able to cut thicker mild steel with oxygen. Currently I have a spot size of about 400 microns. I'm thinking maybe doubling the spot size will increase my depth of cut hence giving me more range for thicker material.First you need a buble nozzle; #1 or #1.2 depends of the result .250 mild steel use oxygene, less expensive; .6 bar Piercing have to be pulse Speed; 74 inch\min If you have dross under it it because of your protective lens dirty ...believe me it goes fast dirty if you don't cut tru. Focal for mild steel is over; I use 2 to 2.2 Before you enter your plate in the machine spray anti-spatter over and wipe it everywhere on the plate to be uniform. A good anti-spatter will help you a lot on the piercing.

Mild Steel Cutting/Pierce Parameter - Fiber Laser - Laser ...

eng-tips› …› Activities› Laser engineering ForumHello everyone, I'm new to the laser world and I recently got my hands on a fiber laser cutting head but I don't know how to get a good cut with mild steel. I h

What Is The Best Way To Cut Steel Plate - ESAB

What Is The Best Way To Cut Steel Plate ... Waterjet cutting also does a very nice job of cutting mild steel, giving a smooth and extremely accurate cut. ... Laser cutting has traditionally been limited to a single cutting head, although fiber laser opens the opportunity for multiple head simultaneous cutting.[PDF]


Because fiber laser cutting mild steel is a very young technology, preliminary test experiment was carried out to investigate how the setting parameters affect the cutting …

| Nitrogen vs. Oxygen: Which Should You Use to Cut Steel?

Home » Nitrogen vs. Oxygen: Which Should You Use to Cut Steel? Nitrogen vs. Oxygen: Which Should You Use to Cut Steel? ... However, laser cutting of steel with nitrogen is not limited to thin material. ... We currently water jet parts and then perform additional machining and I would like to know what affect, if any, fiber laser cutting would ...

Laser Comparison - Cutting Speed and Rate of Feed | …

Blog Laser Comparison – Cutting Speed and Rate of Feed. Mar 06, 2015. Mar 06, 2015 ... and Fiber lasers. Steel (Using O2) ... As you can see from the published feed rates the fiber laser due to beam characteristics has the best coupling of the three lasers illustrated by the actual feed rates. When looking at the highly reflective materials ...

Burns Machinery Fiber Laser Division

Fiber laser-cutting technology utilizes a wavelength that is dramatically shorter than CO2 units. It helps fiber lasers achieve faster cutting speeds in thinner material and improves cut performance for highly reflective materials. ... Laser Cutting Services & Sheet Metal Forming ... aluminum and mild steel 6mm compared to CO2 lasers. More ...

CO2 Versus Fiber Laser: Cost to Cut a Part - FAB Shop …

Since that introduction in 2008, virtually every laser cutting machine manufacturer, and some companies brand new to the flat-sheet laser cutting industry, have introduced a fiber laser cutter, or cutters, to their laser cutting machine line.

TruLaser 3060 fiber | TRUMPF

The TruLaser 3060 fiber from TRUMPF is a true all-around machine. Take advantage of the large 20 x 8 foot work area and expand your part range! ... 2D laser cutting machines TruLaser 3060 fiber Flexible standard machine with oversize format and multi-sheet processing ... Mild steel becomes extremely hot during laser cutting and may melt ...

Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel - ROFIN.COM

In micro material processing solid-state lasers (fiber laser, pulsed Nd:YAG) are commonly applied for laser cutting stainless steel, providing cut widths down to 20 microns depending on the steel thickness.

FiberCELL Laser System | Kern Laser Systems

FiberCELL. The FiberCELL is a compact sheet metal fabricating fiber laser system, capable of cutting a variety of metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

Fiber Laser Cutting Applications | SPI Lasers

The SPI Lasers range of fiber laser cutting systems provides precision cutting for metals, graphite composites, ceramics, gemstones and plastics. ... Laser cutting is one of several laser processes, with the others being marking, welding, drilling, engraving, ablation, additive manufacturing and cleaning. ... Low Power Fast Cutting of Mild Steel

Applications | Industrial Fiber Lasers | Fujikura Ltd.

Fiber laser cutting High energy density enables precise processing of thick metal plates Fiber lasers are utilized for a broad range of material processing from metal to polymer.

Laser cutting - Wikipedia

HACO fiber laser cutting machine with an integrated loading and unloading system. 4000 watt CO 2 laser cutter. There are three main types of lasers used in laser cutting. The CO 2 laser is suited for cutting, boring, and engraving. The neodymium ... stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, plastic, wood, engineered wood, wax, fabrics, and paper ...History·

Metal Sheet/aluminum/carbon Steel/stainless Steel/mild ...

Metal sheet/aluminum/carbon steel/stainless steel/mild steel cnc fiber laser metal cutting machine price 1kw 2kw. Laser Cutting Machine integrates optical, mechanical and electrical in one,which adopts laser technology, computer control technology and high-performance CNC laser power system to process all kinds of metal sheet at high speed,high accurate,high efficiently cutting.

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