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Product name:wave soldering bar
Thickness:1.2-600 mm
Width::1220-4200 mm
Length:5000-18000 mm
Notes:coil thickness ≤ 25 mm
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Wave soldering - Wikipedia

Wave soldering is a bulk soldering process used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. The circuit board is passed over a pan of molten solder in which a pump produces an upwelling of solder that looks like a standing wave. As the circuit board makes contact with this wave, the components become soldered to the board. ...Wave solder process · Fluxing · Preheating · Cleaning

Soldering Alloys | Alpha Assembly Solutions

ALPHA® wave solder and soldering bar metals (wave soldering alloys) offer best value soldering performance – quality solder bar metals products at the lowest cost of ownership, and thanks to a global copy exact product policy, consistency of wave solder supply is assured.

Soldering - Wikipedia

It is a common misconception that lead free soldering requires higher soldering temperatures than lead/tin solder; the wetting temperature in lead/tin solder is higher than the melting point and is the controlling factor - Wave soldering can proceed at the same temperature as previous lead/tin soldering.Origins·

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Your wave soldering process should be a profit maker – not a continual source of frustration and aggravation. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. ... Our award-winning Wave Optimizer is the best wave solder process tool you’ll find anywhere, bar none. But that’s not where we excel.

Solder Bar | eBay

Kester Ultra-Pure Tin-Lead Bar Solder - 1.66 LB BARS. • Concorde-Electronics is an Authorized Kester Solder distributor. • For soldering applications which require ma...

Wave solder for PCB assembly applications by Indium ...

Wave soldering is the preferred method of assembly for high-volume, low-complexity circuit boards. Selective soldering is becoming much more common as assemblers need to reliably add a small number of components onto surface mount boards.

Solder Bar - Lead Bars - Lead Free Solder Bars

We stock a full line of Alpha solder bars in many different alloy types. Find the right solder bar today.

Bar Solder Drossing Characteristics and Wave Contamination

Although utilizing a low impurity level bar solder is important for a wave soldering operation, this in itself does not ensure a low drossing process. In addition, electrolytic refining is a costly manufacturing process that does not necessarily improve soldering results or reduce drossing. Drossing, rather, is the result of suspended oxides in ...

ALPHA®Vaculoy Soldering Alloys | Alpha Assembly Solutions

Alpha Assembly Solutions is the Global Leader in the Manufacturing and Sales of ALPHA® Vaculoy Soldering Alloys Used in a Wide Range of Electronic Assembly Industries including SMT, Wave Solder, PV, Die Attach, and Industrial Assembly Solutions. ... ALPHA® Bar Vaculoy Wave Solder Bar.

Wave Solder | eBay

Lead Free EMS Stallion is a compact, economical, simple Bench Top Wave Soldering machine designed to process both the through-hole leaded components …

Alpha 154920 - Wave Solder Bar, SACX0107

ALPHA® Vaculoy SACX Plus™0107 is a lead-free alloy suitable for use as a replacement for Sn63 alloy in the wave solder process. The SACX Plus™0100 variant is used to stabilize / reduce the copper content in the wave solder bath, this requirement will depend on process conditions. As with all Alpha Metals bar solder, Alpha’s proprietary Vaculoy™ alloying process is used to remove ...

Wave Soldering Machines

Wave Soldering Machines Manncorp's lead-free-capable wave solder machines feature compact, production-floor-friendly designs that accommodate PCBs to 250 mm, 350 mm or 450 mm wide. ... Wave & Dip Soldering. ... Hot Bar Soldering Also known as pulse bonding, hot bar soldering solves some of the industry's toughest soldering challenges.

Alpha Wave Bar Solder - Soldering Materials

Alpha Metals' 63/37 Vaculoy Bar Solder contains 63%Tin /37%Lead and is the industry's most popular product for wave soldering electronic assemblies. Alpha Metal's Vaculoy Wave Solder Bar is produced using the proprietary Vaculoy process to remove impurities and oxides so you get less dross.[PDF]

Lead-free Wave Soldering - Kester

The main concern with lead-free wave soldering is the potential increase in soldering defects. The following defects can see increases in a poorly optimized lead-free wave process. Non-wetting Insufficient solder De-wetting Icicling Cold solder joints Grainy joints Blow holes

Lead Free Alloy Wave Soldering Bar Manufacturers and ...

Buy quality and advanced lead free alloy wave soldering bar with BBIEN Technology! We have devoted ourselves to manufacturing various quality soldering materials and related products for over 20 years. We have strict quality control system in order to offer you lead free alloy wave soldering bar with more consistent and reliable performance.

Hot Bar Reflow Soldering System HBS-A4 - 1Clicksmt

Hot bar reflow soldering HBS-A4 is extremely effective in bonding components and parts that are difficult to unite.

Vaculoy Wave Solder Bar, Sn63Pb37, 2.2lb Bar - amazon

amazon› …› Solder & Flux› SolderSamsung LN-T5265F LCD TV, Complete Repair Kit v3, 13 Capacitors and Soldering Accessories (Soldering Iron and Stand, Solder Sucker, Solder and De-solder Wick) 4.6 out of 5 stars 15. $22.74. ... Vaculoy Wave Solder Bar, Sn63Pb37, 2.2lb Bar #143937-1998. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE SELLER IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL DETAILS OF THIS PRODUCT ...

Lead-free bar solder for wave soldering - circuitnet

Can't help with the solder bar issue but Lead Free Intrusive Reflow is a process which eliminates the need for wave soldering. I can email you a copy of a recent …

Bar solder alloy made by Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation has many experts in bar solder alloys that are high-quality, low-oxide solders for wave, fountain, and dip soldering applications.

Wave Soldering & Dip soldering - 1clicksmt

HOT BAR SOLDERING BGA REWORK . AOI & SPI & X-Ray ... Preheating and wave soldering process use 5mm pin chain to transport. The bottom of pallet is designed with groove. During the pallet transport , the groove is stuck into the pin chain, making the pallet transportation more stable.

Wave Solder Machines & Dip Soldering - Manncorp

Wave & Dip Soldering. Wave Solder Machines & Solder Dipping Wave solder and solder dipping machines for through-hole and mixed technology assembly. ... Hot Bar Soldering Also known as pulse bonding, hot bar soldering solves some of the industry's toughest soldering challenges. Hot Bar Soldering .

Wave Soldering: Equipment & Process | Electronics Tutorial ...

Wave soldering is the most widely used method in electronics industry for soldering through-hole electronic components. Components glued to the bottom of a mixed-technology PCB require wave soldering, although the required wave geometry is different from …

Solder Alloys | AIM Solder for the Electronics Industry

Contaminants and high oxide levels in bar solder can result in wave soldering defects such as bridging, icicling, and non-wetting. In order to avoid these problems, users of bar solder are encouraged to utilize AIM’s high-purity and low drossing bar solder alloys, which are made to some of the most stringent specifications in the industry.

Solder - Loctite

Solder Any of various alloys fused and applied to the joint between metal objects to unite them without heating the objects to the melting point. Select application

Wave Soldering Materials - Products - Euro Process Solutions

Kester Ultrapure® SAC305 Bar Solder was designed to minimize the amount of dross generated in a wave soldering, selective soldering or dip soldering process. Kester Ultrapure® SAC305 is manufactured with virgin metals which meet the high standards of Kester Ultrapure® line of bar solders.

NF1060-VF Soldering Flux - Kester

Products. NF1060-VF Soldering Flux NF1060-VF is a new addition to Kester’s No-Clean, VOC-Free product line. NF1060-VF is zero-halogen (none intentionally added) wave soldering flux that maintains its soldering performance achieving excellent through-hole fill and low-defect soldering of lead-free electronic circuit board assemblies.

ALPHA® Bar Vaculoy SAC 305 Datasheet -- Alpha Assembly ...

datasheets.globalspec› …› ALPHA ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONSHOME PRODUCTS & SUPPLIERS DATASHEETS FILLER ALLOYS AND CONSUMABLES ALPHA ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS WAVE SOLDER BAR -- ALPHA® BAR VACULOY SAC 305 Alpha Assembly Solutions Contact Information 300 Atrium Drive Somerset, NJ 08873 USA ... Wave Soldering View Entire Datasheet. To view all product specifications available in these tables, click on …

Solder Bar | Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.

High Reliability Lead-Free Solder Bar For Wave Soldering. SN100C is being used in thousands of wave soldering machines around the world and has proved its reliability in products exposed to the most severe service environments.

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